Build Progress: 3ds Max Render Server


These photos provide a glimpse into the build of a 3ds Max render server and distributed bucket rendering node powered by an i7-5960X.

Yes, I know what you are thinking… those Corsair DIMMs aren’t yet distributed according to the recommended memory configuration for a partial RAM deck on this X-99 mobo. Good eye. I will surely correct that, and hopefully fill those empty slots soon.

New build

Space Commerce: Jobs, Answers and Freedom

marsneedsyou1Why the Moon, Mars and Beyond? Jobs, answers and freedom.


Economic growth will be the prime by-product of a strong space initiative. Policy that promotes the development of space infrastructure is policy that promotes new industries and new jobs. Some ask why we should spend so much money “out there” when it could be spent “down here”. The money will be spent “down here” paying wages, purchasing technology, and funding companies that will pave the way for new and immediate markets.

Strong space policy is good business. Strong space policy translates into jobs of the kind that America needs to stay competitive like engineering, science, and technology. These pursuits create new products, technologies and industries. The economic possibilities of a robust, leadership-driven space initiative are enormous.


They’re out there, waiting for us. By 2020, answers that elude us today will be textbook knowledge – but only if we go out and get them. Answers solve problems. Answers save lives. Answers fulfill innate spiritual and scientific yearnings. Answers mean progress and opportunity. In seeking them out, we satisfy the instinctual quest to unravel the secrets of our abundant universe.


Establishing operations in space moves us closer to the freedom from dependence on Earth’s limited resources. Tapping into the unlimited resources of space could ensure human survival for thousands more years. Mastery of space will allow us to react faster to a dangerous encounter with debris or energy in our solar system that could put to shame the destruction caused by terrorists and natural disasters. Mastery of space turns threats into resources. Finally, moving into space will also give us the freedom to dream and act big again while giving the spirits of our youth something about which to soar.

* * *

Contact your congressional leaders and let them know you support pursuing robust and sustained pro-space policy. Citizens must keep the big picture in mind and maintain support into the future when current leaders  are no longer our elected officials.